I am seeking a church to join. I could bound from one church to another randomly going by the general and similar doctrinal ideas and the pragmatic factors I encounter compared between churches. I would rather cut to the heart of the matter quickly and make true friends in the Faith. True enemies will of course become more obvious then. If a Christian is living in this sin cursed world and having a ‘good-time-of-it,’ something drastic is wrong with their Christianity.

No perscution = No Christian
One of the main traits of a genuine Christian is a love of the truth. In all things, at all times.
A believer using the gift of discernment (which we all have to some degree) has a very keen ability to dissect the truth from the falseness of many things.

My personal anonymity will be initially maintained, in the interest of not immediately alerting potential hard enemies to my identity. To become an active member of a Creator/Redeemer serving church, eventually I will of course be identified, but being alone and absent of fellowship, I am more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
I am sending this questionnaire to several churches within travel range of southern Shelby County, AL where I currently live. These churches were also chosen as potential for holding the true reformed faith as opposed to obviously already lost multicultural melting pot social experiments filled with happyish, worldy, and mammon seeking ‘anti-believers’
I do not think it wise or prudent to spin my wheels going from one church to another, without full discriminatory knowledge, and wondering if the pastor and his closest church friends are mindlessly locked into a culturally obedient, solipsist-minded worldview (the epidemic plague of our time) that is of no genuine, holy, and eternal value or effect. Not that any of these topics must be preached on regularly, but what is it you really believe about our world?
I want answers and want to contribute my talents, skills, gifts, and energy to a church that is lead by an intelligent and socially and ‘evil’ aware pastor and group of believers.
This is a general litmus test I have constructed after much time spent researching major news events and worldviews over the past decade. I’ve concluded the collaborative efforts of our mass media, educational institutions, religious institutions, and government’s ‘official’ stories have resulted in a mass brainwash mind control over the average person. To the end of turning the USA into a plantation that directs much of it’s resources and profits to supporting the illegal, ungodly, and immoral formation and continued existence of the Zionist state of Israel. This Zionism I write of is populated by haters of God and imposters whom have hijacked Judaism and are presenting themselves as the true chosen people of God. That, they are not.

Once you read the questions, you will most likely find yourself to be on one side or the other.
You may think I’m some sort of ‘nut-job’ with all these disparate issues and to go about selecting a potential home church in this manner. My point is, I’be lived half my life and was not raised in church or a Christian family. The expectations of one living as a Christian I see promoted by popular pastors at mega-churches, and even smaller churches, is hollow and worldly and makes life harldy worth the living. God did not save me to go through life expecting the high, easy road of physical comfort, health, and wealth. I’m here to engage the enemy. One of my most treasured blessings is health in body and mind. I’m here to engage the enemies of truth and prevail.

  • You will see the choice
  • (A) is the mainstream idea that is thought widely to be undisputable fact.
  • The (B) choice is a rather brief counter that is sometimes disparagingly called a ‘conspiracy’ theory, but is more properly sourced from and referred to as the ‘alt-right,’ ‘deep-right,’ or ‘dissident-right’ media. Maybe you are not fully convinced of (A) but you are not so sure that (B) is your conclusion.
  • If so, your answer may be (U) for Undecided.

What do you have to say about which is myth, verifiable fact, or perpetrated hoax?
Do you believe A or B? Do you know why you chose A or B?

It doesn’t make much sense for me to expect you to answer these potentially ‘controversial’ questions without the cloak of anonymity. I can only give you my word that I am one individual person, a man. Your answers will not travel beyond my receipt without your knowledge and approval. If I divulge my identity to total strangers and potential enemies right off the bat, I would be a fool. I believe there are many pastors, some which will receive my enquire, whom know exactly what they are doing to further this world’s godlessness. They are aware they are keeping truth from their congregants and are leading them to destruction as ‘the people that perish for lack of knowledge.’ I am a direct threat to those evil ones, as I love to gain and share knowledge.