Crimson Stain

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War for meaning

I am seeking a church to join. I could bound from one church to another randomly going by the general and similar doctrinal ideas and the pragmatic factors I encounter compared between churches. I would rather cut to the heart of the matter quickly and make true friends in the Faith. True enemies will of course become more obvious then. If a Christian is living in this sin cursed world and having a ‘good-time-of-it,’ something drastic is wrong with their Christianity.

No perscution = No Christian
One of the main traits of a genuine Christian is a love of the truth. In all things, at all times.
A believer using the gift of discernment (which we all have to some degree) has a very keen ability to dissect the truth from the falseness of many things.

My personal anonymity will be initially maintained, in the interest of not immediately alerting potential hard enemies to my identity. To become an active member of a Creator/Redeemer serving church, eventually I will of course be identified, but being alone and absent of fellowship, I am more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
I am sending this questionnaire to several churches within travel range of southern Shelby County, AL where I currently live. These churches were also chosen as potential for holding the true reformed faith as opposed to obviously already lost multicultural melting pot social experiments filled with happyish, worldy, and mammon seeking ‘anti-believers’
I do not think it wise or prudent to spin my wheels going from one church to another, without full discriminatory knowledge, and wondering if the pastor and his closest church friends are mindlessly locked into a culturally obedient, solipsist-minded worldview (the epidemic plague of our time) that is of no genuine, holy, and eternal value or effect. Not that any of these topics must be preached on regularly, but what is it you really believe about our world?
I want answers and want to contribute my talents, skills, gifts, and energy to a church that is lead by an intelligent and socially and ‘evil’ aware pastor and group of believers.
This is a general litmus test I have constructed after much time spent researching major news events and worldviews over the past decade. I’ve concluded the collaborative efforts of our mass media, educational institutions, religious institutions, and government’s ‘official’ stories have resulted in a mass brainwash mind control over the average person. To the end of turning the USA into a plantation that directs much of it’s resources and profits to supporting the illegal, ungodly, and immoral formation and continued existence of the Zionist state of Israel. This Zionism I write of is populated by haters of God and imposters whom have hijacked Judaism and are presenting themselves as the true chosen people of God. That, they are not.

Once you read the questions, you will most likely find yourself to be on one side or the other.
You may think I’m some sort of ‘nut-job’ with all these disparate issues and to go about selecting a potential home church in this manner. My point is, I’be lived half my life and was not raised in church or a Christian family. The expectations of one living as a Christian I see promoted by popular pastors at mega-churches, and even smaller churches, is hollow and worldly and makes life harldy worth the living. God did not save me to go through life expecting the high, easy road of physical comfort, health, and wealth. I’m here to engage the enemy. One of my most treasured blessings is health in body and mind. I’m here to engage the enemies of truth and prevail.

  • You will see the choice
  • (A) is the mainstream idea that is thought widely to be undisputable fact.
  • The (B) choice is a rather brief counter that is sometimes disparagingly called a ‘conspiracy’ theory, but is more properly sourced from and referred to as the ‘alt-right,’ ‘deep-right,’ or ‘dissident-right’ media. Maybe you are not fully convinced of (A) but you are not so sure that (B) is your conclusion.
  • If so, your answer may be (U) for Undecided.

What do you have to say about which is myth, verifiable fact, or perpetrated hoax?
Do you believe A or B? Do you know why you chose A or B?

It doesn’t make much sense for me to expect you to answer these potentially ‘controversial’ questions without the cloak of anonymity. I can only give you my word that I am one individual person, a man. Your answers will not travel beyond my receipt without your knowledge and approval. If I divulge my identity to total strangers and potential enemies right off the bat, I would be a fool. I believe there are many pastors, some which will receive my enquire, whom know exactly what they are doing to further this world’s godlessness. They are aware they are keeping truth from their congregants and are leading them to destruction as ‘the people that perish for lack of knowledge.’ I am a direct threat to those evil ones, as I love to gain and share knowledge.

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what do race relations mean for daily living?


The white race – the most industrious, intelligent, and fair-minded racial group – has been brainwashed into a status of self-loathing by a lying mass media campaign that has been going on for longer than anyone reading this has been alive.

This mass media campaign has infiltrated ALL avenues of information conduits. ALL schools, universities, entertainment, news (so-called), advertising, The Ad Council, false history (the official version of the past), Hollyweird, and sadly and most insidiously, Churches. All government institutions and agencies are complicit and corrupted. It is everywhere, it is relentlessly seeking the dissolution and deracination of the entire world. Presently, enemy #1 to the (((perpetrators))) of this evil agenda is the white race. The white race is in the cross-hairs in every imaginable way. Strong, heterosexual, intelligent white males are the prime target. Other targets are whites of any form or persuasion. Anything that is the opposite of that prime target > non-white, non-straight, non-male is more or less given a free pass to live and behave as they so please. Nay, even celebrated as the ‘thing to be celebrated.’

The future desired by these (((perpetrators))) is a mass of slavish, semi-literate, non-racially conscious workers worldwide in service to (((their))) central criminal cabal. The natural resources and wealth (both present and newly discovered) of any place in this entire earth will be robbed of the indigenous peoples those local to the wealth or resource) to sustain and support a luxuriant, high-end, labor-free lifestyle of opulence, ease, and comfort for this small group of (((manipulators and thieves))). (((They think they themselves))) are on a higher evolutionary plane, even genetically different from other persons to such an extent as to be God-like. They think of themselves as deserving of being served like royalty for no other fact than their blood-line lineage. Problem is the reality of the matter: (((they))) are the least industrious and creative race on earth. (((They))) are fundamentally a parasitic breed. Loathsome of ethics and morality. Loathsome of laboring or decent honest work. Interested only in making a profit from the backs of those foolish enough (or plain unlucky enough) to be in a position to labor for them. (((They))) are greedy, unscrupulous, immoral capitalist and communist who bow down to the profit margin with no regard for the welfare or life struggles of those that do the work. They regard other races like animals or cattle, existing only to serve them the way livestock serves the farmer.

(((They))) have had a strangle-hold on the white countries’ major power structures for a long time. The USA has been in serious decline since the mistakes She made in WWII. Our moral fiber has been seriously compromised by assaults from all sides.

Multi-culturalism = White Genocide.

Manufactured White Guilt is another tentacle of the brainwashing campaign. Can anyone think of any wildly popular movies of the last many decades that portrayed the false (but wrongly held as true) narratives of slavery in the history of the USA? By ‘wildly popular’ I certainly do not think things become popular these days by merit or validity or genuine productive and honest substance. The agenda pushers have a tight control over what is and what is not ‘popular.’ (((Their))) widespread ability to manipulate by deception the mass opinion by control of the major media outlets is very impressive. Only what fits (((their))) agenda to control is made ‘popular.’ It matters not one whit if the truth is part of the story that becomes popular. Actually, the absence of truth is often the prerequisite before anything may get widespread dissemination.
White privilege – another myth and tentacle of this (((destroying monster))).

Individual members of all other races will go out of their own way to trip up and waste the time and energy of the white identified man or woman at every opportunity he or she may have. Members of other than white races feel not one shred of guilt of giving an unfair advantage over the white race member to members of their own race. They even feel empowered and justified in doing so. They would do it again a thousand times over if they could. Every chance they get to do so, they do it. They do it as much and as often as they can get away with it.

ANY other behavior they display or present as different is just a decoy to get in a position to secretly and slyly accomplish more of the same unfair favoritism they are hell-bent-for-leather on worming into every cog and bearing of what could be a functional society. What used to be a functional and pleasant place to live (a social structure created by naturally high moral character and virtuous whites) based upon trust and having the word of a man be his bond, becomes an inverted land of perversion where queer and destructive behavior is rewarded and individual virtue (any of many desirable human traits that advances and lifts all humans up to a better life standard) is maligned and punished.

The only time a member of a dark-skinned race will present his or her self as fair-minded and seeking merit-based and equitable treatment for all individuals is when they are putting up a front to trick the whites into trusting them and turning their backs. That is all it is, all it ever will be is a front to trick whitey into getting messed over one more time by the blacks. Never trust a non-white. Never. If you ever do – you better watch your back or have cover from a white. The non-white is secretly longing to put you in a vulnerable position to get a kick out of seeing you loose some ground. They have been brainwashed by the same (((lying mass media establishments))) to act the way they do – on top of not being white anyway (they naturally are willing to mess over on any other race), especially whites. Synergistically these forces – 1. their natural anti-white inclinations and 2. the deceptive mass media manipulations encouraging these inclinations to develop and grow, these two forces enable and amplify one another.

The (((deceptive mass media))) wants infighting amongst the goy herds. It better suits the manipulators to keep the local trouble people have in their lives to be blamed upon any other (goy) race, but never blame or call out the (((true culprits and thieves, the manipulators themselves))).

There are a very few outliers of every race that will not be so easily manipulated and controlled by the (((mass media))). Among that minuscule few, some will be so above the average IQ of their race they will not behave as the 95 percent or majority in their race. These outliers are so few they cannot be relied upon to effect any real change in the world as we experience it. As one may deduce, I am not blatantly a racist. I am an honest assessor of reality.

In your life experience as a white if you have sometimes encountered a long term and positive relationship with a non-white, well, you are relating to one of these rare and few outliers.






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